Our mission is to share and grow Eternal knowledge.

Jai Shri Ram🙏, Welcome to the Kattar Hindu. We are a public community that supports and promotes the core values culture and historical heritage of Sanatan Dharma Our main objective is to spread awareness among the people about the importance of Sanatan Dharma and keep it prosperous

Our organization promotes the Traditional Indian ideology which has become the basis of peace, Prosperity and collective progress in the world. We are committed to the core elements of Sanatan Dharma, which include religion, morality, ethics, And Tradition

Our aim

Our main objective is to create a positive and Powerful community that follows the principles of Sanatan Dharma and works to reach it to every Person. We strive to liven up the importance of Sanatan Dharma through education Social work, and community initiatives. We are committed to moving forward together and work to promote the core elements of spirituality and social justice.

Our goals

Our goal is to create a thriving community that is Dedicated to the principles of Sanatan Dharma and works together for the growth and development of the community We strive to produce ideal citizens in the society who work for prosperity, peace and collective welfare We are committed to the upliftment and advancement of every individual in our community

Our features

Questions and answersQuestions on many Topics can be Asked as well as answered on Kattar Hindu website.
Personal messageUsers can Send Personal messages to their Favorite members and Discuss with them.
GroupsYou can create a new group, it can be public or private, to add users to it and discuss. You can share your ideas among your group users.
NewsNews related to Sanatan Dharma and Sanatan Dharma issues and other religious issues are posted here.
Account Points and BadgesPoints are given for every activity you do, the more points you Earn, the higher level badges you get and you can use those points to publish blogs or earn money in exchange for those points.
VerificationAfter verifying your profile you will get a blue tick. With Blue Yick everything will be done automatically.
Profile & Profile PrivacyYou have the feature to customize your profile as per your wish. Along with this, there is also a feature to make your profile private.
Follow userUsers are provided with the facility to follow other members, allowing them to receive updates and content permanently.
Comment’sPosts on the Kattar Hindu website have a commenting feature, which gives members the opportunity to share their views on the content.
Private Question to UserAllows you to ask personal questions to specific and knowledgeable users
PostProvides the facility to post religion related posts like a social media
But PointsIf you want, you can buy points, there is a facility for this also
HelpOur team is always available to help users, resolve issues and provide assistance with content management.
All our facilities are dedicated to Sanatan Dharma and only religion related discussions take place here.


Our Contacts

To contact us, visit our contact page. You can contact us on Telegram – Kattar Hindu Chat We are always present in the service of Sanatan Dharma.

Thank you. 🙏🚩Jai Shri Ram!🚩🙏